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Default Re: Ultron! We Would Have Words With Thee! Official Thor/Chris Hemworth Thread

Originally Posted by SilentWarriorZ View Post
Thor really was toned down in avengers , remember how he fought the frost giants in Thor-1 and in Avengers he was just fighting the aliens alongside cap like a II supersoldier .
He wasn't looking GOD material at all even loki Joked about not being Immortal and testing Thor when he was trapped in the cell .

Who knows we might get Erik Thunderstrike Storyline ...
Alright let's not go overboard now, clearly Thor was portrayed alot more powerfully than any super soldier. He caught a punch from Hulk, crushed IM's gauntlet, ran up the side of a mountain, and destroyed more leviathans than any other Avenger.

Not to mention, saving Cap's ass in that same scene and casually knocking a car down a city block.

Don't forget to vote for the HELA Vs THANOS fight

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