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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 8

Whoa... I actually legit thought I was in the Thor: The Dark World thread.

It's definitely in our nature, as comic book (movie) fans, to kvetch and worry about our favorite films doing well, both behind the scenes and once they're released. I'm kind of more worried about T:TDW to be honest, moreson than even Cap, but I think what's going on with Thor is maybe a combination of both a conflict between the director and the studio about run times and also the need to do some reshoots. Not that either is a bad thing; I still think that Thor 2 won't necessarily die if the movie is thirty minutes longer than people want it to be. If editing a movie will make it a better product, then maybe a 120 or so cut will be just fine.

I'm in the school of people that thought IM3 was Marvel's riskiest movie yet. I adored it; my favorite blockbuster of the year. It was basically an 80's action/cop-buddy type movie that completely reinvented IM's most famous villain. I didn't see how it was mediocre in the least.

Despite the directors for CA:TWS, I'm getting a really good vibe from the cast and the reactions to the footage at Comic-Con. The Thor stuff too got great feedback from SDCC. So it seems like, at least for now, Marvel's steering their ship in the right direction. IMO at least.

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