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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's my first:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

SCENE-Night-Construction sight of a massive new tower-we see a sign that says "New LexCorp Towers-Coming Soon."

Superman zooms through the sight, notices a conspicuous keypad on top of a horizontal door. His x-ray vision shows a bunker underneath the building. He flips and drills through the concrete.

CUT-A darkly lit computer bank with a small group of men working.

SUPERMAN (Shouting, off-screen): Luthor! I know You're here!

The men swing around as Superman rolls back a bunker door like a tin can. They back away, obviously scared.

SUPERMAN: (glares) Where is he.

LUTHOR (Booming from off-screen): (Jovially) Right here, alien.

A screen ahead activates to show Lex, smug and safe on a tropical island.

SUPERMAN (frustrated): You've been supplying Intergang with weaponry for years. Do you have any idea how much blood is on your hands?

LUTHOR: Do you?

SUPERMAN (wearily): Where's Doctor Roquette?

LUTHOR: Well, since you were the last one with her...I'd say in heaven or hell.

A massive whooshing sound is heard. We see vents start turning while a steel slab slams closed behind Superman.

LUTHOR: And she'll soon have company. I have all the records from your little feud last year. Lane reported that the atmosphere on your people's ship dropped you like a rock. Of course, we have no way of knowing what precise composition rendered the great "Superman" helpless...

The men in the room start to collapse and clutch their throats.

LUTHOR:...But that does mean you need to breathe.

Superman immediately slams his fist into the vents, stopping them, but we see them slammed close afterwards. The other men still wheeze, so Superman picks them up and carries them towards the wall.

SUPERMAN: Hang on-

A gas grenade explodes right in his face. We see a heavily armored, and oxvgen equipped commando with one glowing red eye put down a grenade launcher and pick up an oversized bolt action cannon.

LUTHOR: Allow me to introduce your executioner and the exclusive LexCorp severance package. He prefers to be called Colonel Wilson, my associates have dubbed him Deathstroke, and I call him the pinnacle of human engineering, training, and military hardware. He is everything awesome and terrible about humanity.

Deathstroke opens fire with the cannon. Superman shields the scientists and shrugs off the massive shells with a "*****, please" look, though the last shell does seem to stagger him.

LUTHOR: Of course, that's still not quite enough to defeat the Superman, is it?

Superman slams into Deathstroke, tearing the cannon from his hands, and clearly breaking his arm. Deathstroke grunts, then grabs a strange looking device from the wall and hits Superman with it.

CUT-We see Metropolis suddenly go dark.

CUT- Back in the bunker we see Lightning spark across Superman's chest and he is hurtled back. He lifts himself to his feet, but is obviously struggling himself, even clutching his chest in pain. Deathstroke, meanwhile, straightens his arm and injects something into it.

LUTHOR: So, to even the odds a bit more, I have provided Colonel Wilson with a few dustings from a particular isotope that was gratefully accepted from an associate of mine. Apparently, it's a new element created from the core of your doomed world. Kryptonite. It's not much, but Deathstroke assured me it would be enough. This trap is his masterpiece.

Deathstroke whips out a large, weaponized staff. He experimentally flexes his arm, than assumes a fighting stance holding it comfortably with both hands.

DEATHSTROKE: (chuckling quietly) You've only got a little oxygen, no sunlight, and you've got Kryptonite in your lungs. You're running out of time.

SUPERMAN: I've got enough.

He shoots his heat vision towards the ceiling, dislodging some concrete to fall on Deathhstroke, who ducks and instead slams his staff into his head. Superman's heat vision fizzles and stops and Deathstroke hits him again, this time managing to knock him down before dropping some ceiling on him with his staff. He then steps over to a dying scientist, who's trying to level the cannon at him. He stomps on his neck and grabs the cannon himself, and proceeds to unload on Superman.

LUTHOR: Well, if you will excuse me, I have other matters to attend to. Goodbye, alien. (Screen shuts off)

Deathstroke discards the cannon. Superman lies unconscious in front of him. He pulls out a sword and experimentally prods Superman's hand, drawing blood.

DEATHSTROKE: Just so you know, I have nothing but respect for you. It's why I took this job and all the little enhancements they gave me. They say a man is judged by his enemies. And you are an enemy worth having.

He raises his sword for a stabbing motion towards Superman's throat.

DEATHSTROKE: You were, at any rate.

His arm is suddenly yanked by a cable from behind. So is his other arm. The bunker's emergency power goes out and he himself is electrocuted from behind by the same device he used earlier.

Silence, then we see two glowing eyes in the dark. An oxygen mask is pulled over Superman's face. The lights flicker just enough to show BATMAN's silhouette as he stalks towards the wall. He quietly places charges all along it when he pauses, listening.

BATMAN: Those enhancements are almost impressive.

He dodges a knife blade that thrums into the wall.

DEATHSTROKE (rising to his feet): Well, this interesting. A would-be knight errant far from hallowed lands, trying to save the creature from another world.

He snaps his other arm free from the cable, picks up his sword, and tosses it around.

DEATHSTROKE: Have any of you own gadgets to use, or are you just going to keep jacking my stuff?

BATMAN: I won't need them.

DEATHSTROKE: Big talk for a little man. I don't think you've got the power it would take to beat me.

BATMAN: You're right.

Deathstroke lunges forward, but is grabbed and slammed down by a groggy Superman, who roars with pain as he hurls DEATHSTROKE back into the shadows. Batman walks over and picks him up.

BATMAN: How do you feel?

SUPERMAN: I'm in pain, but I'm better.

BATMAN: That will have to do.

He activates the charges and uses Superman as a shield against the blast. He then pulls Superman up on his shoulder and they stumble out the door. They stop and Batman again activates charges and uses Superman as a shield as a tunnel is formed above them. He shoots a cord up to a hovering jet and pulls them both up as Deathstroke makes a desperate last attack and misses as the tunnel collapses.

CUT- In the Batplane, Superman, weak, is strapped into the back seat. BATMAN lifts off into the sky with his new partner.

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