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Default Re: The Wolverine - Bloodier Extended Director's Cut on Bluray?

Originally Posted by BlackFox View Post
Yes although the film may not have applied the letter of the law in terms of staying faithful to the comic book it always adhered to its spirit. If you must have a large robotic suit of armor in your comic book film, make sure its a damn cool samurai looking one, that they achieved

Honestly if this film had come out at the time Origins did, before all the Ironman films it wouldnt suffer half the flack it gets for the third act

As for your final paragraph I think the problem is it could never live up to the fight on the train or the Shingen showdown or (fingers crossed) the ninja fight (when we get it) so it was always going to feel lacklustre a touch. I was still recovering from that Shigen duel the first time I watched it that the Robo fight flashed by with me still in a daze of what had come before.
I thought the ugliest part of that fight was the suit drilling into Wolverine's exposed bone marrow. Sheesh, it was like watching a dentist drill without the novacaine or something.

I also loved the fact that it was the ladies who pretty much saved the day in that finale too. Usually they're the ones that need to be saved, but they really saved his ass throughout that whole thing.

I've seen the movie three times now, that ending grows on me every time I see it again.

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