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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by Zorex View Post
Any evidence to support this statement?
Here you go.
Deborah Snyder: Mark Twight, who trained them, usually pitted them against each other and would post their scores on the board. They’d do the workout and the timings or the weight would be up there for everyone to see. It keeps everyone kinda honest, I think, but also competitive.

I wouldn't make up stuff, I only say what I read. And even besides the above, Michael Shannon said a lot of the times that Cavill was training like a monster, and he would know this only if he had been in the gym with him.
Originally Posted by Zorex View Post
And Gym Jones has other trainers than just Twight, such as Michael Blevins, Twight's assistant trainer on "Man Of Steel."
In Cavill's workout video that was released, both were present. And in some interviews I read with Twight, he also mentioned that both be Blevins were present and Cavill always mentions them together, so they trained him together in all probability.

And its specifically Mark Twight that Snyder had a relationship with. Mark Twight just happens to be the founder of Gym Jones. In each of the 3 project where Snyder has used Mark Twight - 300, MOS, 300: Rise of an Empire - Twight himself trained the people. So I think for the new Batman actor, Snyder would want specifically Twight to train him.

If that's the case, that might not give Twight much time and he might train the two actors together.

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