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Default Re: How many sequels do you think FOX can release after this reboot?

What could the plots be? The first film could be an origin with the Mole Man and Subterranea featured.

The 2nd film could be the introduction of Latveria and just be Doom's movie.

The 3rd film could be a space feature and introduce the Negative Zone and be like an old Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers movie

The 4th film could introduce Norrin Radd and do a "Coming of Galactus" story and feature The Watcher as well.

The reason why some fans come down on Batman 89 so hard since the Nolan films have been released is 2 fold: the Nolan films are newer and fans of the actual books don't read the 70's and 80's source material that the 89 film was based upon to understand how much more pure the 89 film is compared to the modern crime-drama trilogy that Nolan created.
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