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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's a scene that takes place somewhat before that one:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
SCENE- Lois Lane's apartment. She is chugging an energy drink while typing away at a computer. We see the headline says "Metropolis Rebirth Under Fire: Intergang Continues Rampage." The lights suddenly switch off. Lois, illuminated by her computer, sighs and gets up. She checks the circuit breaker and the lights come on.

BATMAN is right behind her, his eyes glowing. She jumps, then immediately throws a bunch. He catches it.

BATMAN: You were the first person to recognize there were aliens on Earth.

He lets her go. She whips a collapsible baton down on his cowl. He doesn't move, just quickly wrenches it from her grasp and drops it.

BATMAN: Your leak to Woodburn stated you'd been picking up his trail going back at least three years. I know you dug up even more information, information you didn't share with anyone else. You deleted your files and burned your notes. You've been inferring to the rest of the world you lost the trail somewhere in Chicago, just after gaining possible contact information.

Lois backs away as Batman approaches her, she is cornered against the wall while he stares down at her.

BATMAN: But we both know you tracked him down to his town, his home. And we both know he's on your speed dial.

BATMAN holds up her cellphone. CLARK KENT is highlighted on the screen.

LOIS (her face calm): And we both know you're a normal human vigilante who tangles with freaks in costumes. Otherworldly titans are a little out of your league.

BATMAN: He's a little out of everyone's league. Even his own kind couldn't beat him. More than a few of us normal humans realize the threat he could pose to the world. So do you.

LOIS: He's not that type of man.

BATMAN: He doesn't need to be. There's already forces in motion to end him before he has a chance to change. And while I understand their reasoning, I can't trust them with either the power they need to take him down or his real name and address. I know them to well.

LOIS: Who?

BATMAN: The Safe Skies initiative. It's not an external response satellite system. It's designed to fire it's kinetic rail gun towards Earth, either towards a single individual...or an entire nation. Someone on the board has modified the plans to make it a next generation weapon of mass destruction capable of incapacitating Superman and anyone else in a matter of seconds.

LOIS: If you don't trust either Superman or them, why are you telling me this?

BATMAN : Superman is one alien. I don't trust him, but others do. Safe Skies has a conspiracy, involving at least one of the world's richest men, two world super powers, and a fully armed and operational satellite system the world is looking to as protection against other alien invaders. And I know there's already more than one alien species on this planet right now. One of them is supplying information to the conspiracy. And it's not your friend from Kansas.

LOIS (understanding): You want Superman in your corner. You want to make friends with Superman in case Safe Skies goes bad.

BATMAN: The enemy of my enemy...may still be my enemy. But not the one I'm worried about right now. Contact him. Tell him Intergang is a distraction. They're meant to keep him occupied while Safe Skies prepares for a preemptive world-wide strike. He needs to find this new extra-terrestrial and uncover him for the world. And you need to uncover this conspiracy.


BATMAN: You found our strange visitor from another planet, and I need the authorities to see The danger in Safe Skies from someone who's not a vigilante. I've narrowed down possible ringleaders to General Eiling, Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, Michael Holt, or Professor Milton Fine. But I need to analyse the new alien technology, and I need pressure brought down on Safe Skies. When you wake up, call your friend, and give him those instructions.

LOIS: When I-? Oh no you-

He sprays her with a small gas gun. As she fades to unconsciousness, we fade out on Batman's glowing eyes.

She awakens in front of her computer. The headline has changed to "Call him now." Her phone is active in her hand, with Clark pulled up and ready to call. She quickly tabs open a browser and searches "Batman" while she hits call.

LOIS: Clark? We need to talk. And someplace safe.

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