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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

SUPERMAN: You've come a long way from Gotham. Why are you here?

BATMAN: Escalation. The criminal organization Intergang is responsible for dealing advanced weaponry to the Gotham mob bosses that the GCPD can't compete with.

SUPERMAN: (skeptical) Intergang? I shut them down months ago.

BATMAN: (grimly) They're under new management.

SUPERMAN: (his fists clench) Who?

BATMAN: Bruno Mannheim.

SUPERMAN: Mannheim? He's small fry. Not even one of the higher ups in the organization. Why would they put him in charge?

BATMAN: I don't know. But he (he gestures to the unconscious form behind him) was one of the premiere arms dealers in Gotham before Intergang muscled in and ran him out of town. I've been tracking him for weeks. If there's anyone on the outside who'd have any inside knowledge of the organization, it's him.

SUPERMAN: We should question him together.

BATMAN: (turns) I don't think so.

SUPERMAN: (raises an eyebrow) Excuse me?

BATMAN: I prefer to work alone.

SUPERMAN: You don't know Intergang like I do. I know how they think, how they operate -

BATMAN: (bends to pick up the arms dealer) I read everything I needed to know in your articles, Kent.

SUPERMAN: (looks stunned for a second, but quickly calms) I think you'll find that I can still be of some use...Mr. Wayne.

BATMAN: (turns, scowls) You peeked!

SUPERMAN: (smirks) I didn't have to. Although...(peeks) it looks like I was able to put the pieces together just fine.

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