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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Honesty I didn't enjoy the pre-quells at the time of release except ROTS, but I have to say TPM has grown a lot me.

Only things I would have changed would be as follows.
Age up Anakin from the start.
Casted Charlie Hunnam instead of Hayden
Merge Dooku and Qui Jon characters.
Obi wan is already a Master so an older Obi would be needed like Iain Glen.
Because of aging characters up the Clone wars would have to start in the first movie. Maybe have Anakin join war effort under Obi's command as a pilot. Obi rebels against councils wishes to train Anakin.
Maul would be Anakins adversary thru the first two films then it would end with Obie.
Dooku/Qui Jon would be obi's.
Emperor reveal only in third film in second half of film.
Feature Alderaan more.
No Greivous.
Less Green Screen, more practical effects.

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