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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by Melapi View Post
Anna new film, Free Ride, was acquired by Phase 4, and they're planning a release for this fall. Curiously the company has offices some cities in USA and her husband (which also produces FR) was in rehearsals for Chicago that week, she also has her directorial debut in works plus a production company so it's possible she had to travel for a meeting. By the way, she lived in the big apple for 6 years and sometimes she pays a visit to her old friends.

Personally I'm not sure she travelled for DOFP, but I admit it's possible, but you also have to admit she's got more than one reason to travel to NY.
Since leaving New York City in 2006 Anna has spent almost zero time in New York City. Why would she? She's a married woman with twin babies and can't just jet off to see "old friends". Whatever took her to New York City was big work related. It wouldn't be True Blood because offices of HBO would be in Burbank.

Free Ride is an indie film with little exposure and I doubt seriously a small studio like Phase 4 would waste Paquin's time for anything. Especially since it was an acquisition. Hell Focus Features (label of Universal Studios) would never waste her time that way.

Her travel to New York coincides the day after Comic Con makes me believe she and Bryan had something scheduled to do in NYC. The point that Bryan himself mentioned in a recent interview that he filmed in New York gives me pause to think that might have been Paquin's time lensing. Stewart mentioned that the actors would be flying back and for picking up pieces here and there for filming.

Moyer just played Chicago in Los Angeles (Hollywood bowl) last week I believe. Paquin was not around to attend which makes me believe she was deep in filming why else would she miss her hubby's big opening at the Bowl.

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