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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Batman should be fit, but not overly muscular. Batman is a ninja, a martial artist, who is supposed to be very agile and stealthy. When artists draw him to be massive body builder size in the comics, it looks stupid since he can't be agile and fast if he's that size. Martial artists aren't that massive.
No one is saying he should be like a hardcore bodybuilder. But he can definitely have a lot of muscle mass and still be extremely flexible, agile, and fast. I think he NEEDS a significant amount of muscle, because he does a lot more than just jump over rooftops. He needs to take on 200+ lb thugs every night, lift heavy things, and just be very strong in general to do what he does. The muscular gymnast look suits him perfectly. Extremely agile, yet muscular enough that his elite strength is believable.

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