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Default Re: the TIMELINE thread

^ Finding out for certain what year the present events of DoFP take place in will retroactively cement the year in which the events of The Last Stand took place because you can take whatever year the present events of DoFP take place in and subtract 10 years to get the year that the events of The Last Stand took place in.

Regarding The Wolverine, we know that the 'Epilogue' (mid-credits scene) takes place 2 years after the end of the film, and, although I haven't yet seen it, the trailers for it showed someone - Yukio, I believe - talking about how she'd been looking for Logan for a year, which means that it's been AT LEAST a year since the events of The Last Stand, meaning that, mid-credits scene included, The Wolverine takes place between AT LEAST 1 to 3 years after the events of The Last Stand.

I did make several assumptions in the timeline breakdowns I posted above, but they're logical assumptions based on what we know.

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