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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!) - Part 1

Originally Posted by Melapi View Post
1. Anna has friends in NY and had paid them visits:

Nowadays I remembered this Interview where her husband said the 23 she has been traveling for work, and that after Chicago they're leaving to their London home for a long family holidays.,718812.story

But you still have that:

2. Anna said Phase 4 and Casm Films said they're going to work together in marketing this movie:

3. Phase 4 has made a multimillion deal to expand their content acquisitions and distribution pipeline and the fact that FR is going to be their first release after the new deal makes think that a meeting with one of the producers is perfectly reasonable:

4. She's a producer with a well known name in the business. She can have more projects that need a final push (Civilianaire Boys' Club, The Pin Hotel...)

5. Anna attended all Chicago performances:

Basically, she took a flight the 22 and the 27 was in LA, with her first birthday as mother the 24. Her travel to NY was for 1 night, 2 at best. I still think it can mean another business meeting more than filming DOFP.

By the way, Anna lives in Venice, not Santa Monica.
1. As I previously stated in my comment, Anna is not jetting off to NY to visit friends right now with just having given birth to her twins. Those pics are old. Reason she would be in NY would be for work that's it.

2-3 CASM is their vanity production company but like Drew Barrymore, Hugh Jackman and many others that have their production companies they are not jetting all over the place for films. It's costly and Paquin is a high profile celebrity.

If anything Business Affairs would work everything through Anna's agent and manager. Paquin wouldn't be involved in the administration or marketing. They would arrange the Q&A's, photoshoots, junkets and press themselves then notify Paquin's manager or agent who in turn would inform them of dates she can attend.

4. ??? Makes no sense.

5. Chicago opened on July 26th. I live off of Camrose right around the corner from the Bowl in Hollywood so I actually know when it opened.

Venice and Santa Monica are neighborhoods that bleed into each other. She's not living East of Lincoln like in MarVista.

Bottom line is she was in New York for work related reasons and I'm almost certain that was DOFP. It makes far too much sense for her to be obligated to leave Poppy and Charlie than just for some admin work on an indie film that she would never be involved with in the first place. It would take something very big in order to have her leave her twin babies at home.

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