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Default Re: The Official Scarlet Witch Thread

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
What if Marvel is creating a Inhumans TV show?

That idea never occurred to me. I always thought is was weird that they kept being brought up for a film when there are so many characters people would rather see.
"Gifted" isn't associated with Inhumans. Anyway, if it were just for a TV show, Marvel wouldn't be pushing the Inhumans so hard in the comics by having an entire status quo change based around them with Inhumanity. Feige has also specifically said movie for them.

Anyway, the "characters that people want to see" argument has always been superfluous to me. When it comes down to it 99% of the audience Marvel are pushing these movies to don't know those supposed "wanted" characters either. It's about choosing the most interesting and unique properties for a film, and Inhumans is a far more intriguing concept than Captain Marvel or Black Panther imo.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
It's possible that Marvel will use the term for the superhuman people found by Agent Coulson's team on the SHIELD show, at the very least. Those characters will apparently get their powers from a variety of sources so using "gifted" as an umbrella term would make sense.

When the show's focus on SHIELD finding people with powers was announced, I wondered if Coulson & co might be involved in locating heroes who would appear in the MCU. Since the show is going to be global in scope, Wanda & Pietro might be on the agents' radar at some point. But I do doubt that they would introduce those characters on a TV show, however. Maybe characters like Cloak & Dagger will show up, though.
With characters like Cloak and Dagger or even Daredevil I can see Marvel taking an approach similar to what DC is doing with Flash in Arrow.

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