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Batman Beyond can work, and here is my idea...

While not a traditional Beyond, I would use Red Hood here. No Joker, I don't think the character needs used for some time because Ledger comparison and the Joker storyline in BB might be too hokey even in a futuristic story. Insert the Red Hood angle with Jason Todd. Fanboys would love it and the general audience would be hooked with the promotion being based around a new Batman vs. Robin gone bad. They wouldn't care that it was Jason Todd, they would just see the name Robin. Its an easy money maker and as a huge BB fan I think it could work. Try to make it as quality as possible, like Nolan's films.

Michael Keaton would be my older Bruce Wayne. He deserves it after being the only good thing about the first four movies. Throw him a bone. And you don't have to directly tie in too his movies, just say he was Batman and move on. Maybe even have a flashback with a new Alfred. My Terry McGinnis choice has always been Ben McKenzie. He is in his thirties, but he could pull off a college age character, which I would make Terry to avoid Spider-Man comparisons. I'm debating on working in Bruce being his biological father. It would have to be handled delinquently.


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