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Default Re: Is orgins still apart of the timeline now?

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
All The Wolverine referenced is that Wolverine killed Jean because she was hurting people, they could easily change tons of the events that happened in X3 and still keep that moment. Though it's a moot point really, since The Wolverine takes place before DOFP and is subject to change as well.

Now, do I think they'll do a Star Trek and create and Alternate timeline? No, probably not, but how much they'll change is up to anybody's guess. They could change a ton.

Heck, the continuity of the movies is going to be completely thrown off simply because Wolverine meets Xviaver and some of the X-men in the 70's. That completely changes how events in X1 would roll out, not to mention other smaller changes, such as Beast not knowing Logan in X3.

Point being, things are going to change. This movie basically gives them free reign to change as much as they want. And there are a lot of things that they should change.

There's no way to know how much they're going to change, but they are going to be changing things, which I only see as a good thing.
The Wolverine also had actual footage from X-Men: The Last Stand with the picture of Logan and Storm at Alkali Lake.

Let's not try to downplay the connection that The Wolverine made to X-Men: The Last Stand. It's blatantly obvious.

As far as the time traveler being Logan, and knowing Xavier before the events of X-Men, well, that's probably where the altered timeline comes in.

In the original timeline, Xavier -hadn't- met Logan to that point. Xavier doesn't have to send Logan back in time until 2013 or 2023, whenever the time travel sequences happen. In the original timeline, before the time travel, Xavier hadn't met Logan prior to the events of X-Men.

Then, as Sentinels are unleashed, and the existence of mutants becomes as horrid as it does, the time travel takes place, which effects the timeline and gives us an altered timeline.

Even if it doesn't retcon everything and undo things, it's not contradicting with what was established in X-Men due to the fact that these events still didn't happen until -after- the events of X-Men regardless.

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