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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

I am not saying the Batman actor should look like these guys, just saying that these guys have great size as well as great speed.

And what you say is true, until you have so prior training or have been in good shape before, it is impossible to start from scratch and look great. When Butler trained for 300, he had already trained for Lara Croft before that. When Cavill trained for MOS, he had already trained for Immortals before. They were just able to build on their earlier experience and reach new heights.

Of the actors that Hollywood Reporter reports are in the mix, only Joe Manganiello I think can achieve a physique close to these guys. Gosling has been in shape too but on the slim, model type build.

I think that's the reason that they need to cast now, so that the actor gets atleast 5 months before shoot begins in earl 2014.

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