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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's my first meeting between the two:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
SCENE- Twilight. A burning cargo ship in Metropolis Harbor. Cargo holds aboard the tanker explode, and we hear the sound of hi-tech gunfire. We follow one torn apart hauler into a darkened hold, where panicked INTERGANG thugs are firing a combination of human firearms and fantastic cannons around.

THUG 1: Who is it? Superman?

THUG 2: (searching the dark, wild eyed) No way. Too quiet.

A rattle is heard away from them. They both open fire at it.

THUG 2: Too damn quiet.

An athletic and scarred man, carrying one of the cannon weapons, saunters over to them flanked by two equally imposing bodyguards. This is Corben, a lead enforcer from Intergang.

CORBEN: What are you idiots doing here? You're supposed to be guarding the package till our exfil gets here. We're lit up like a torch in the busiest damn harbor in the world.

He looks over at the SCARED THUG, who is curled up in the fetal position and rocking back and forth.

CORBEN: Is he having a seizure?

THUG 1: No sir, no sir, he, Tommy, Greg, and, and Hiro were patrolling the stern. We heard something over the radio, then some screams and, and, and then he just started opening up around with that cannon you gave him, and, and-

THUG 2: (interrupting in a calmer tone) Radio went down, **** started blowing up, and this maniac ran screaming. Then the lights went out, we lost the other guys, and this freak blew a hole in the deck. We're taking on water, sir, and we don't know where anyone else is.

The SCARED THUG moans and whimpers in fear.

THUG 1: He was muttering something about a, uh, uh, a monster? From back home?

CORBEN: Who is he?

BATMAN( off screen): (loudly and from all corners of the room) Sidney Debris, "Sid the Squid." From Gotham. My city.

The THUGS spaz out and shoot wildly. CORBEN punches them to stop then signals his men to assume a defensive position. The SCARED THUG, Sid, starts crying.

CORBEN: You're that vigilante nut in the costume. (Laughs) I've been working in Metropolis all my life. I've even taken shots at Superman with this baby. And my boy here-

BATMAN (off screen): -Is Rudolph Jones, the first Intergang enforcer to use your new armaments. Twelve suspected murders and thirteen confirmed, seven of them MPD. Before that a repeat offender. And before that, a would be Mixed Martial Artist, until his career was cut short...

A batarang cuts through the darkness and crashes into one of the Bodyguard's, Jones, legs. It sails on through, and he crumples, screaming in agony.

BATMAN (off screen) a knee injury. And your other "boy" is Alek Ivanovitch, former enforcer for the Makarov family. Wanted for three murders, two counts of sexual assault, and noted by his prison doctor as suffering from Acrophobia...

The other bodyguard is lofted into the air, yelping as he is pulled up by a cable. CORBEN scrambles and picks up his dropped cannon. He and Jones continue to scan the hold. THUG 1 runs off and up the stairs, dropping his weapon as he goes.

BATMAN (off-screen):...fear of heights. And you are John Corben, could-have-been tactical officer for Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. No known injuries or phobias.

The lights shut off. SCARED THUG begins bawling.

BATMAN: Not yet, anyway.

The remaining thug and Corben and Jones open fire, illuminating the hold. Jones is the first to stop firing, his form covered by a shadow before he disappears. THUG 2 is suddenly roped onto a pillar by bat bolas. Corben cusses and switches his cannon over to a continuous laser setting, slicing through the whole wall. Water seeps into the hold. Glowing eyes behind Corben appear right before he whirls around and is punched back into the wall.

BATMAN: Careful. You'll sink this ship even faster than it already was.

CORBEN: I hope you can't swim!

Corben turns the laser on again but this time turns it towards the floor as well as Batman. Batman actually retreats for a second, but suddenly the entire ship tilts up and stays there. They are both slammed back as the boat is pulled towards shore. Batman, undaunted, grabs Corben with a grappling hook and is now holding him.

THUG 2: (madly) Oh thank god! It's him!

The ship drops to a stop. Batman calmly secures his last prisoner. He turns around as Superman lands in front of them.


BATMAN: ...Superman.

SUPERMAN: I thought you these guys were a distraction.

BATMAN: A human distraction. My speciality, not yours. They're common criminals.

SUPERMAN: Using technology that hasn't been seen since Zod tore up Metropolis. And that my speciality. And too dangerous for a man wearing Kevlar body armor...With no offensive weapons...and a lead lined helmet. That thing must be heavy.

BATMAN: You're the one with experience in the tech. I know that. That's why I wanted you trying to find the new player supplying these cowards with their toys. The more time you waste, the sooner those satellites will be up and running with a new alien at the helm. Now get out of here, and get back to work.

SUPERMAN: Are you trying to order me around?

BATMAN: You're right. I shouldn't try and order around the god-like alien from Kansas. He might break my neck.

SUPERMAN: That shouldn't have happened. I know that. And I'll die before I do anything like that again.

BATMAN: Htt. We'll see.

He begins to back into the shadows.

SUPERMAN: You shouldn't be running off. We could get this done a lot faster if we work together.

BATMAN: I don't work with people I don't trust.

He steps off the boat through the hole in the wall and sinks below the waves. Superman's x-ray vision observes him get into a submarine and take off through the bay. Superman shakes his head.

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