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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
As one who is of mixed Egyptian heritage (did you already know that and purposely used it as a point of relevance? If so, you're brilliant) I totally agree with you. Queen Nefertiti looks a lot like Halle Berry in my opinion. But there's more to being/looking African than just the skin tone. It also involves Halle's features, which are very fine and European. She is obviously stunningly gorgeous, but she's also clearly of multicultural heritage. Comic Storm is black--straight up. And I'm not talking about size or fullness or lips, nose or dark skin elements. She's just very exotic in appearance. And then you have the accent issue. She's too Americanized as of X2 and X3. It'd be terribly difficult to explain, let alone believe. If they had been consistent with Storm in these films from jump it might work. But now? Her characterization is all over the place. They can't suddenly take her roots back to Africa so late in the game.
I did not know you were of Egyptian descent LZ, that was just a lucky guess but if you want to call me brilliant I will take it.

And I do agree with you - Berry does have more European features mixed with African-American but I don't think that's terrible. There's been many incarnations and drawings of Storm since her debut in the comics. They've been between her have very dark skin and her sometimes coming off as being very light-skinned African-American like myself.

Yes there are some things that could be done better, I don't think Berry's portrayal is as bad as some people make it out to be.

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