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Default Re: The Wolverine - Bloodier Extended Director's Cut on Bluray?

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
I'm trying to figure out who would have been beating him up in that scene. If it was the Yakuza, wouldn't they have gone after Mariko if they'd managed to beat up Logan? Maybe they were just some random thugs? It was the seedy part of town, after all.

I agree, it doesn't sound like something that was vital to the story. But now I'm just curious to see what the hell else was going on in that scene.
I'm guessing it was just random thugs looking to rob him, which means he must have fought them off I guess, as I didn't see Mariko fighting.

Yeah, I'd definitely include it as a deleted scene.

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Agreed. I'm eager to see an extended cut but am curious about this scene. I would hope this new cut only adds the stuff Mangold wanted but couldn't for ratings' sake. Many deleted scenes are deleted for a reason.

Not been this excited for a home release in a long time.
I think the key thing to be added back in from what Mangold has said is thew fight between Wolverine and the Ninja in the snowy village, and I can't wait to see it.

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