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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Personally I liked the accent. And I definitely prefer it over the Sistah Gurl action we got in X3. Who knows...maybe she'll have a British Accent in DoFP.
I liked the accent too and as a bonus it kept her diction proper... as Storm should speak. I still stand by my theory that Halle didn't have a proper dialect coach. And you're totally right that it's been a different Storm in each movie!

I don't blame Halle at all for the poor interpretation of the character stemming all the way back from X1. She probably wasn't familiar with the cartoon and it's been documented that Bryan didn't want them reading the comics, so how was she supposed to know what Storm was like? After making X1, it seems she did some research and fought to make Storm a stronger character. This is what may have led to her clashing with Bryan, which people have (tirelessly) used against Halle. I feel bad that she was vilified for this.

Still, Halle hasn't really figured out Storm. She had greater freedom with the character in X3 (Ratner seemed intent to please her) and the portrayal kind of veered too far from true Storm... although some argue that at least a tough Storm was emerging.

I'm glad her and Bryan are totally cool with each other. They need to work together. I do like that Halle called DOFP's Storm the "Earth Mother" of the group. They toyed with this idea in X2, but I don't think it was executed too well. Can't wait to find out what DOFP Storm will be like!!!

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