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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIV

For anyone interested I received the Hot Toys Selina Kyle a few days ago.
This being my first HT figure, I must say they did a very good job with it and I'm happy with it. This goes great with the HT Batpod which I got a year earlier and two go very well together.

There seems to be a heated discussion over the outcome of the final product. Some people love it while others are a bit disappointed since in some ways it looks slightly different from the original promotional photos in the marketing ads. All of those original promotional photos nearly a year ago and since seem to be of the prototype and they seem to have made some modifications - especially with the head in order to accommodate a removable mask piece. Either that and/or some Photoshop magic added in those pics.

My opinion? She looks great. Does she look like Anne Hathway? Yes and no. It really depends on which angle, lighting, and pose you look at it from along with the way you set up her hair and the mask on her eyes. Hot Toys is known for making very realistic figures, but let's be realistic. It's not meant to be a 1:1 clone to have every feature of Ms. Hathaway replicated - it's scaled model, a toy, a "barbie" doll - lol - which in fact my wife was laughing at me when I first took her out of the box to see a grown man brush her hair back like a barbie doll~

But hey! Can a barbie doll look this good?

Anyhow here's some additional photos for anyone interested:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

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