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Default Re: X-Men 3...seriously fans/people--WHY all the hate?

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Of course it makes sense that she would WANT to.

But why would you write a movie in which the villain succeeds in killing the leader of the X-Men? And then have NO ONE react to it... Have nothing come of it whatsoever?

The death of Cyclops is basically the single thing that triggers Jean to take over long enough to allow herself to be stopped. Cyclops, even in death, is the only thing in the movie that allows Jean to overcome Phoenix.

Originally Posted by Brian2887 View Post
I wouldn't hate the movie so much if I didn't know how poorly the production came together. I'd write it off as a mediocre, disappointing end to a promising franchise. But, Fox had the opportunity to have something special and ruined it out of sheer spite.

Bryan Singer offered to come back to the franchise after Superman Returns. Instead, Fox fired him and replaced him immediately. They rushed the X3 to production, even though there was no finished script. They hired Matthew Vaughn to direct, then fired him when he suggested they take more time to get the story right.

The reason Cyclops was killed was because he agreed to act in Superman Returns. Rather than delay X-Men for him, or schedule his days around Superman, they wrote him off. End of story.

Then, they hired Brett Ratner because he's a hitman of a director. He honestly did an admirable job given the circumstance, but Fox could have done so much better if they hadn't been so petty with getting revenge on Singer, and using X-Men 3 to compete with Superman.
That's not smart business to postpone your $200 million project for one guy. Business has to move on. They didn't release X-Men 3 when they did to get revenge on Singer, they did it because they have a business to run.

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