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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

I personally really like the idea about storm having her African routes set in egypt, as a nation full of history I think it could work really well.... As halle Is multi cultural, her mum is from Liverpool, I'd simply have her parent from both races, perhaps her mother/father could be a white archeologist looking at the tombs and opposite being Egyptian.

I have no issue with here accent, it always had that halle berry tone regardless of African accent or ghetto sound. Halle has quite a soft tone IMO.

I really love how halle has fought for her role and has made it better, I wonder if singer liked her version of storm in x3 and came to a compromise. Plus I love how she spoke of storm at comic con, I believe in her when she talks about storm and earth mother role.

@ psylockolussus Id love to see more xmen with storm at the centre of the film, I doubt there be a storm spin off but if she can have important roles in future films that be great!

Shadow king would be great for storm at least

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