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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

I think a lot of things could have been slightly adjusted to make for a better film.

A couple of things I didn't like -

the majority of the Japan section, in particular from the moment he arrives to the moment Mariko is taken to Viper. The chase scenes were too long and too similar, that whole middle section didn't really do much for the film except to have Logan sleep with Mariko, which seemed odd considering he was also 'sleeping' with Jean in his mind.

Some scenes were very simple, that basically spoon fed the audience which felt out of place. In particular the scene after Logan mentions (and i'm paraphrasing here) "The doctor, she did this to me" in reference to his healing factor. We then had a scene that's sole purpose was to reiterate that where Viper tells Harada "His flesh is weak, I did that to him, me, you should respect me" Or something like that. Wasn't necessary and I think they could have demonstrated her being in charge a better way.

His healing factor, many have pointed it out... but why could he retract his claws and 'heal' if his healing factor was suppressed? What gets me about this is that it's a simple thing to rectify and what I'm about to say would also assist with my first problem.

After the train fight I would have Logan retract his claws and be left with gaping holes. He then has to bandage himself up for them to heal. Because of this he cannot defend Mariko so during their stay together before she gets taken we should have had her training Logan with a katana and this would have also allowed us to see them grow closer together before they sleep together. This one change would've allowed us to have Logan fight with no claws at one point, we could have seen him with a sword and finally we could have watched him unsheathe them again to remove the thing suppressing his healing factor. Which would have made that scene even more brutal.

Other than those things I really enjoyed the start and the final act, especially the mid credits scene. I didn't hate the film, it's certainly the best we've got as of late but by no means the best it could have been.

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