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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread

I finally got around to see this movie. I had some extra X-box points so I rented it out. I'm glad I didn't pay for this movie. Some things were better obviously. I liked that Snake eyes didn't have a fake mouth on his mask, and the visor looked much more streamlined. Also we finally get a faithful interpretation of Cobra Commander. Not sure what else is good to say about this movie.

I did like Jonathan Price as Zoltan/imposter President. I appreciate that they let him be the bad guy in this one, and gave him much more to work with than what he had in the last film.

The Roadblock/Duke relationship felt forced, so Duke's death had little impact, although I bet it pissed off some die hard Joe fans, but I assume they were already pissed at how crappy the first movie was.

All in all this was an unnecessary sequel to a film that no one cared about. Add to that the stupid directors decision to kill off Channing Tatum just when his career was going gang busters. I just hope there are no more sequels.


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