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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

I have liked exactly 4 reboots

1:Batman begins(although some of things In Dark Knight rises makes me second guess)

2:The Incredible Hulk-So much better than hulk

3:the Amazing Spider-man-best spider-man film

4:Rise of the planet of the apes

all others no.J.J. Abrams just turned Star Trek Into Star Wars lite.I just haven't
been excited by any of rebooted james bond films like ones before.I would rather
see contunians with all new cast than reboots.Hollywood Is on a reboot madness.Hell I am shocked the next star wars film Isn't a reboot.

and once again First class was never a reboot.Yeah it caused some contunity problems with the cross between prequel and fresh film.And seriously Bryan singer devolped the story,picked the characters,and was handson producer on set nearly every day during filming In London.

And it doesn't matter what some people online think If DOFP Is a hit the series will continue.

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