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Default Re: This Franchise Needs a Reboot Bad

To the OP: Your premise is so flawed that the only things I can formulate a response for are the following:
continuity sucks, that's y they are going the time traveling route.
No, the current continuity doesn't suck. The time-travel isn't going to even remotely do what a lot of fans think it ought to, and, at most, will clarify a few things and probably result in a few details of existing events having been changed.

This franchise now is a mess.
No, it's not. There are a few things that could stand to be clarified and a few inconsnstencies that need to be explained, but things are not nearly as bad as people think they are.

I really liked the direction FC was going (best xmen movie by far imo). And now the overrated Singer has to take **** over.
I honestly can't take this comment seriously. Singer is just as responsible for the quality of First Class as Vaughn was.

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