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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
It's funny you should say that. You know back in 2007 Halle was set to produce and star as Nefertiti in a movie of the same name. She was going to re-team with Marc Foster the director of Monster's Ball which won her an Oscar. Everything was going well than Halle Berry got pregnant with Nahla and the project was never resurrected.
Not sure if it was the pregnancy that stalled it. Halle's films have always been stuck in development hell. I've heard her attached to so many movies that ultimately don't end up getting made.

But it shows how hard it is for her to get good roles. She literally has to make her own movies. Everyone always thinks she chooses crap roles, but really the good ones just aren't out there. She can't be cast in period movies. Fantasy movies/fairytales are out of the question. Roles in movies that are family based are rare unless it's a movie about African-Americans or specifically deals with race issues. Hollywood isn't really making interracial romantic comedies. It's no wonder she's ventured mostly in action/suspense/thriller type movies and gritty dramas.

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