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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

Originally Posted by Thoix View Post
There bits of the first act I don't like and pieces of the second act I don't like, but I dislike the entire third act/final battle. It feels like I'm watching the four Avengers and two normal agents fighting against one of the most unthreatening and worst armies I've seen in a movie. On top of that, the Chitauri are led by the threatening and cunning villain turned into a walking joke and ragdoll Loki.

I also hate the fact the movie treats the few serious moments it has as joke, such as Thor's joke about Loki being adopted after Black Widow tells him Loki's killed 80 people. Humor! Oh wait, no. It's just one of the many cringe worthy line found in the movie.

Luckily most of the movie good. Not great, but good. I just hope Whedon doesn't try to play it safe withe sequel because it's obvious he held himself back with "The Avengers".
I think I'm about to drop a tear. I never thought I'd see the day when someone would say this so I could wholeheartedly agree.

I hated they turned Loki into a rag doll, no matter how many people could have laughed at that. I see with horror how many movies don't mind to treat great villains as some gag material for a few cheap laughs. It took all dignity out of the character like that. And as if that hadn't been enough they had him moaning with this cartoony face. I'm all for Hulk smashing him, but in a cool battle, like what Hulk had against Thor earlier, not like a Tom & Jerry episode.

And yes, when I talked about humor going against the characters and what they are, I was thinking specifically about "He's adopted." This is Thor, proud god of thunder who would defend his brother against these earthlings talking garbage about him, no matter how evil he might be. And in fact he was very aggressive towards those who were talking bad about Loki. And then BAM! Joke-time! Let's forget about who the character is and let's have this sitcom-like laugh moment!

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