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Default Re: Let The Claws Do The Talking - Rate & Review "The Wolverine"

I'm more of an X-Men fan which was why I was hesitant to see this one but I did finally and it was better than Origins and the post-credit scene was worth it, it feels like the comic crossovers where you have to buy a title you dislike to follow the story well thats how I felt about The Wolverine, didn't really care that it took place in Japan.

And of course being a small contained adventure I wasn't expecting huge action pieces but the bullet train sequence was good.

Unless I found a movie mistake I'm guessing during the 2 year gap at the finale Wolverine somehow got the adamantium back otherwise why didn't he go to the metal detector at the airport?

In Civil War the moment when Iron Man and Cap stop fighting when they realize they both have a friend named James.
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