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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Okay, since this is still fun, I'm going o try and set up a whole act here, starting with this.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
SCENE-Mid-day. Launch site for Safe Skies. We see six different rockets spread out around a central command tower rising like a monolith out of the launch area. Everything is new and huge. There is obviously billions of dollars spread around this area. Sigils from Wayne Enterprises, LexCorp, NATO, SCO, are scattered everywhere.

We enter the tower through its observation center at the top. General Wade Eiling, his glasses on, is clearly preparing for the launch alongside his SCO counterpart. A young aide approaches.

AIDE: Sir, we're receiving reports of Superman engaging something at the test site. They've already leveled the research building and are tearing apart the underground facility.

SCO GENERAL: "Underground facility?" (He stares at Eiling) My people were not informed of any such place.

EILING: (shaking his head, trying to brush aside the conversation) An old relic from the Cold War. Nobody's used it in years. (To the aide) Casualties?

AIDE: None, sir. Reports indicate Superman is intentionally dragging the fight away from civilians. He's, um, been ordering people to clear the area.

EILING: (glowering) On whose authority?

SCO GENERAL: Never mind that. At least the alien is keeping it contained. What is he engaged with?

AIDE: We don't know, sir.

SCO GENERAL: Then what's their description, lieutenant?

AIDE: Multiple contacts, sir, but maneuvering as one. (Looks away from Eiling) Initial reports said the contacts emerged from the underground facility. Closest descriptions we have are drones and...walking skeletons.

An uncomfortable silence fills the room as SCO GENERAL glares at Eiling.

SCO GENERAL: General Eiling, I recommend we abort launch.

EILING: Negative. This is exactly the situation for which we've developed this program. Professor Fine, how soon after launch is the weapon operational?

FINE: (monotone) Sixteen minutes, 23 seconds.

SCO GENERAL: I still recommend we abort launch. All of our records and prototypes were stored in the test facilty. The project may be compromised.

EILING: we have to risk it. Begin emergency launch.

CUT-The test facility. Superman comes crashing through the wall as a grotesque chimera of BRAINIAC drones rockets through him. Superman easily separates himself, grabs one arm of many and rips it out of its socket, before blasting away with heat vision. The chimera staggers, than integrates with another three drones, recovering and attacking once more.

SUPERMAN: Well, damn it.

More drones swarm around him, some attacking singly but in coordinated assaults, others combining before attacking. We see he has a durable looking headset piece attached to his ear.

SUPERMAN: Have you found out what these things are yet?

We pull back through the caverns to an old computer terminal, where Batman is analyzing a computer screen while a strange robotic "dog" of his keeps watch.

BATMAN: Extra-terrestrial drones answering to a massive main program spread throughout three supercomputers in this complex. Their composition is a mishmash between identifiable Cold War tech and something older and not of this world.

SUPERMAN: (wailing on another chimera) Any of them found you yet?

BATMAN: Don't worry. Ace has a jammer I stole from LexCorp. If its good enough to hide his secrets, it's good enough to hide me.

SUPERMAN: (whirling and using his heat vision to clear the room) Aren't you glad you brought me along? These guys would have eaten you for lunch.

BATMAN: Htt. Maybe.


BATMAN: They're panicking. Trying to launch early. We need to stop it before Luthor's new friend downloads onto the system code.

SUPERMAN: Yeah, well I've got bad news. These guys aren't stopping. In fact there's more of them.

BATMAN: How many more?

SUPERMAN: (looking at a wall of robotic parts barreling towards him) A lot more. Try and stop the launch. I'll keep this thing occupied.

BATMAN: Negative. You're still suffering from the kryptonite-

SUPERMAN: And your suit's not even really bulletproof. You know this is the right call. (Smiling) You worried I'll get hurt?

BATMAN: Compromised. You saw what that thing did to Corben. I'll need a larger supply of kryptonite to stop you if it takes you over as well.

SUPERMAN: (still smiling) That's more like it. It's a risk, but we have to take it. Tell me you don't see that.

Batman is silent. Than he strides down the hall, Ace rolling behind him.

BATMAN: Alright. The Wing can get me to the central tower. I'll deal with whatever Luthor has there.

SUPERMAN: Watch out, he'll be ready for you.

BATMAN: No. I'll be ready for him.

As BATMAN exits the shadow into sunlight, we see the Batwing under attack by smaller drones.

BATMAN: Ace, sic 'em.

The "dog" folds out wings, and takes off. It's an attack drone. It blows the drones off the Batwing. Batman launches a cord up to it and ascends as the Wing takes off towards the camera.

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