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Default Re: Beware the Batman

After about 3 episodes, I'm digging it so far. Serious without being overly dark and gritty. I like how they seem to be emphasizing Batman's detective skills. I kinda like this version of Alfred, too, reminds me of the tough British sergeant in a an old British WW2 movie.
Liked the twist in the Magpie story, I also found her design very sexy. The bit in the doctor's office with the Rohrshach inkblots was a nice touch.
Anarky is interesting, I like how they are making him sort of the Anti-Batman, helping criminals instead of opposing them, giving him a white costume to Bats' black outfit, even down to an old school Batman type utility belt.
About the only thing I have a problem with is the Batman character design, but I can live with it.
Looking forward to future episodes.

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