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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

It's the way these stories are paced (along with some way way over the top power moments that then get nullified IN THE SAME EPISODE, adding very lame humor as a cherry on top and some unispired voice work as the chocolate syrup) that does damage to most fan's assesment of the show. The Hyperion story needed at least 2 episodes for the narrative and characters to breathe. It would have benefitted the action as well. They rushed that end battle. What was set up should have been a hell of a donneybrook.
As for the WHY of these very rushed stories? I think the creative minds of the MARVEL ANIMATION team think kids can't/won't follow more serialized storytelling. If so I believe they are wrong. Being on the very darkside of my 30's my favorite part of the action cartoons I watchrd as a child and teen was when various elements from previous episodes where refrenced or brought back. Now maybe there will be some better paced future episodes yet to air, or maybe there will be some stories that they give the proper breathing room and spread out over 2-3 installments. But I can't see them going that route. These are the same minds that think Adrian Pasdar is doing a great job as Tony Stark. (And I type that as somebody that likes Pasdar a lot. But he's either phoning it in and cashing a check or he's getting bad direction in studio.)

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