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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Why did it need two episodes? Because you said so? In lots of action cartoons we see shows like this that are only one episode long.

Why did Green Lantern and Sinestro only get one episode in S:TAS? Why did Flash and Weather Wizard only get one episode?

How do you know this is just the one episode for Hyperion? The ending was open ended so we could easily see him again if someone busts him out.


It needed an expanded run time because all the issues/themes/character dynamics brought up in the episode needed more than 22min. in my opinion. So... Yeah, because I say so. It's my opinion. But I would like to think I have some reasoning behind said opinion. Having a Superman-like character come to Earth, become embraced in some ways by the populace, only to go all EXTREME JUSTICE and reveal his true character, plus how the Avenger's team react to all this as a group and individuals, plus some satisfying action and a nice finale to the whole tale takes more than 22 minutes my friend. IN MY OPINION (It seems that everyone on the internet takes personal umbrage unless you place that in your post to let them know this is what you think about something ) These stories seem to just fly by TVO. To help define the characters it would be nice to get Cap or Thor's take on Hyperion, or have a short flashback in the Dracula episode to actually see Cap's mission from the 40's in Transylvania.

As for exploring things in future episodes, I think my previous post said just as much. However since the episodes establishing those elements that might come back are thinly conceived and executed (IN MY OPINION) it does take away from any impact they will have once they come back. "Hey kids, remember this threadbare character/plot we showed you before? Well here it is again!"

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