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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by PoSeiDon View Post
There you go again with this sistah gurl crap. Storm did not sound like some ghetto mess in X3. And stop generalizing black women with that sistah gurl crap.

I do not see how this is her character being all over the place. She progressed from just a member to being considered headmistress because of cyc and his issues. She became a stronger character over time.
I don't agree with LS about the "sistah" speech in X3. I think the real reason she sounded so different was because it was the first we've heard of her actually speaking so angrily.

I do however agree that there were several radical, unrealistic and inconsistent changes of her throughout the three films. She was very timid and not outspoken in X1, and she spoke with an accent. While in X2, the anger towards humans seemed way out of the left field and she had no accent at all. Then in X3 she's extremely angry and vocal.

Her eye effects, costume, hair, and makeup change drastically throughout each film and it really does seem like totally different characters in each one.

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