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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I see no point in seeing an unnecessary flashback sequence since we got brief flashes and Cap told us all the pertinent information.

The reasoning behind your opinion makes no sense. Frequently superhero action cartoons tell stories such as this in one half hour episode.

The notion that all these episodes have to be stretched across multiple episodes is an argument the haters utilize to irrationally bash this show.

How did we not get the Avengers take on Hyperion? Cap found Hyperion suspicious and did not approve of his methods.

In Justice League, Captain Marvel/Shazam is introduced and a guest star in absolutely ONE episode. He's established, joins the Justice League, has a conflict with Superman, fights Superman, loses, and leaves the Justice League. All in ONE EPISODE. We never see Captain Marvel/Shazam show up and ever do anything meaningful again in the series. Episode must have been terrible and garbage. What about all the other Leaguer's take on Shazam? They could've spent five episodes building up the dissent between the Justice League and Captain Marvel only for it to have a big blowoff. Instead it all happened in JUST ONE EPISODE.

Where did you get the impression I want EVERY SINGLE episode in the future to be spread out over 2-3 shows. I think one and done can be fine for action shows. But so far the stories they HAVE chosen to tell with the show would have been better served by being either 2 or 3 parters. Look at all the stuff that goes down in the Dracula episode: BW gets turned into a vamp, Iron Man has a "magic vs science" thing going on, we learn Dracula wants Cap's SS enhanced blood, Hulk get to fight Dracula and then Drac Hulks out... There is a ton going on and it seems to just get rushed through. Each of those things I listed? They are all good ideas that a good writer could make a stand alone episode out of individually. Happening all in 22 minutes? Sorry, that's barely enough to establish the premise, much less explore it in an intelligent or interesting way. I watch the show as someone that loves comic book superheroes and is always a fan of good animated shows. It's a weakness of mine. I tend to stick it out for a while but if I don't see improvements I usually bail early. But this is an Avengers adaptation. One of the Crown Jewels of The Marvel Universe. I don't think it's unreasonable to want it to be better than it currently is. I like the character designs. I wish I could say the same about everything else on the show.

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