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Default Re: First Class 3 or X-Men 5?

The only aging actors that concern me are McKellen and Stewart. While it would be a big loss to see these guys leave, they've both put in the hours already and are not the be all and end all of this franchise. There are other villains, and the X-Men can continue without Professor X. We even have younger incarnations of these characters, played by a pair of great actors.

Hugh Jackman's time as Wolverine may be winding down, but he still sounds pretty enthused about the character so we really don't know what will happen. Halle and Famke have both appeared to be very interested in reprising their roles. These people may be a little older than the average action stars by now, but it's hardly a dire situation. They no doubt look better than any of us will in our 40's lol.

It really comes down to Stewart and McKellen, but despite my love for both, I have to ask: Are two old guys really such a big draw to this franchise?

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