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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 8

Originally Posted by jmd1214 View Post
Was thinking about this last night and wanted to post it...

how big a threat do you all believe is in this movie considering none of the members of SHIELD or the AVENGERS were able to assist or show up during IM3.

I clearly understand that IM3 was a standalone movie about Tony but, now that the Avengers have assembled, do any of you think they have some sort of obligation or need to explain why none of them could help Tony?

I read that this movie takes place on the same timeline, during the events of IM3 so I am just curious what you all think.
Help Tony with what?? Fighting a terrorrist??? The movie was called IM3 not The Avengers 2. Besides I remember fanboys complaining about the presense of Shield in IM2

The events of IM3 take place in a period of 24 hours

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