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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 8

Originally Posted by marcvader View Post
We probably know Thor was dealing with things on Asgard while the latest problems on Earth are going down. We probably know that SHIELD is going through some deliberate internal strife and therefor are ordered not to help in IM's troubles. That would cover Cap and BW and probably most of its operatives and presumably Hawkeye. Hulk is the only one I can't account for.
I think with the Hulk, one could say that since he tends to stay off the grid, by the time it would have taken for him to receive news about the incident, along for Hulk to come up with a plan of action, the events of Iron Man 3 would have probably been over by then since Bruce had no means of tracking Stark himself, and probably thought that Stark might have even died since everyone thought that Stark was dead for a good while.

I'm assuming that the post credit scene featuring Stark and Banner at the end of Iron Man 3 is probably when Banner finally drops by to see how Tony was doing, only for it to somehow wind up into that therapy session that made Bruce fall asleep.

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