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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by Shpati View Post
yes, a prequel. Just look at the movie title. "the wolverine". I was expecting where wolverine learned his fighting arts. Why he went to Japan in the first place. And why he left. etc.

Everything about this movie felt like an origins movie with the exception of it actually taking place after x3. There was even a scene where he goes "I'm the wolverine". The cliche line for any super hero origin movie ("I'm batman", "its Spiderman!").

Its obivious they changed it to a revisit story at the last minute due to dofp.
No, "The Wolverine" line wasn't about an origin. After Logan saved Yashida in Nagasaki, Yashida told the story of what happened in the years that followed, referring to Logan as "the Kuzuri", which means "the Wolverine."

His son never really bought it, but according to Mariko, he used to tell her about "the Kuzuri" when she had a nightmare, saying the Kuzuri would protect her. It was like a fantasy character in a children's story to her. When she sees Logan fighting off the assassins at the funeral, with his claws out and surviving injuries, she actually looks at him and says, "Kuzuri...", because she realizes that this was the person her grandfather told her about.

But Logan is so wracked with guilt over killing Jean, that when Mariko tells him this story later and asks who Jean was, he explains that he'd killed Jean and the Kuzuri along with her.

When Shingen takes on Logan and asks what kind of monster he is because he can't believe what he sees, he says "The Wolverine", because he's telling Shingen that he's the guy Yashida had told him stories about. And that he better watch the **** out, because he's pissed. That he'll survive whatever gets thrown at him, and he'll protect Mariko. He basically became the guy in Yashida's story then.

It's not an origin line, it's about Logan fighting his way back to the person he's meant to be.

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