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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Originally Posted by Shpati View Post
yes, a prequel. Just look at the movie title. "the wolverine". I was expecting where wolverine learned his fighting arts. Why he went to Japan in the first place. And why he left. etc.

Everything about this movie felt like an origins movie with the exception of it actually taking place after x3. There was even a scene where he goes "I'm the wolverine". The cliche line for any super hero origin movie ("I'm batman", "its Spiderman!").

Its obivious they changed it to a revisit story at the last minute due to dofp.
If you read the mini series that this movie was based on, he does not go to Japan to learn fighting arts, he goes to Japan for Mariko. Once he is there, he learns she is engaged to be married, and a story very similar to the movie plays out.

The the series this movie is based upon, Wolverine isn't going to Japan to learn about the culture or the ways of the samurai. Why would that be what this movie is about?

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