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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

Hated that Wolverine never got to train in the martial arts. Why couldn't he have been offered the ability to train with the best samurai. This master could have been named Ogun. At first he would have resisted, but it would have been a great dishonor to refuse, so he would go through with it. They could have shown how he embraced Bushido, which started to help him find peace, and that his skill impressed his master, which could have caused jealousy for the Master's other student. This all would have led to the Ronin moniker, which would have now made better sense.

Then Yashida could die and the story progress from there. They could have even had a scene where Mariko could have seen Logan during training and how she would have been developing respect and appreciation for his transformation.

But instead we have a Wolverine who, as far as we've been shown, has never been trained in the martial arts, and that's too bad!

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