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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by Kazuki View Post
I don´t see a 170 pound guy destroying opponents the way Batman needs to do. He needs to be a big guy. He needs to be over 220 pounds. That´s the only way he can knock people out at will. In a more grounded incarnation he needs to be big. In comics he can be skinny.
That's exactly what Bruce Lee did though. He was pretty much the closest to a real life superhero we had.

What you're describing in the comics is actually the opposite. Where a Batman who looks like he's 250 lbs is depicted bouncing around a like gymnast.

There's nothing about size that equals being a better fighter. Look at some of the best MMA fighters out there they look nothing like bodybuilders.

Even in the heavyweight division, this man

absolutely destroyed this guy in a fight.

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