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Cs Funny Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
As one who is of mixed Egyptian heritage myself (did you already know that and purposely used it as a point of relevance? If so, you're brilliant) I totally agree with you. For example, consider Queen Nefertiti.

So it could work. But there's more to being/looking African than just the skin tone. It also involves Halle's features, which are very fine and European. She is obviously stunningly gorgeous, but she's also clearly of multicultural heritage. Comic Storm is black--straight up. And I'm not talking about size or fullness or lips, nose or dark skin elements. Halle, by comparison, is just very exotic in appearance. And then you have the accent issue. She's too Americanized as of X2 and X3. It'd be terribly difficult to explain, let alone believe. If they had been consistent with Storm in these films from jump it might work. But now? Her characterization is all over the place. They can't suddenly take her roots back to Africa so late in the game.

Another fair complexioned actress with an accent would be believable as Storm. But not Halle Berry, and certainly not as she's been portrayed thus far in this franchise. This is why so many legions of fans don't care for this actress in the role...she just doesn't *feel* right when compared to the statuesque African Weather Goddess of comic lore.
Storm in the comics was dark skinned,true,but you talk of Halle's features being too European or Caucasoid ,but I don't see it as much. Halle looks similar to me. Yes Halle does not have full lips,and yeah she is light-skinned,but her nose is flat,small and looks "black",her cheekbones are like her dads.The rest of her bone structure etc may be little sharper(because of her white side). If you could see a picture of Halle's father,you'd see she looks just like his side of the family(because no offense her mom aint all that to look at )

Like most African-Americans(directly mixed or not), Halle has softer features compared to their counterparts in the motherland.It comes from years of mixing with other races(which is why America is the "melting pot"). I consider myself black,but I'm a Black Hispanic.

Also Storm wasn't initially suppose to look like a West/Sub-Saharan African,because her mother is of North-East African decent.So in retrospect she should have finer features(smaller nose, thinner lips, broad forehead and straight hair) like a lot of Ethiopians, Kenyans, Black Egyptians,Sudanese,Nubians etc.

Also it was said by Claremont that Storm does not even look like your typical average person anyways. Storm's features are really odd and other worldly,but beautiful. A Black woman with icy blue cat like eyes, high cheekbones, her iconic arched eyebrows.

Also I don't get what you're saying by too Americanized, because Storm IS technically American.She was born in Harlem NYC,her father was African-American Photo journalist. So Storm has dual citizenship. Born in U.S.A, Moved to Egypt as a baby, then wandered back to her mothers home country as a teen(Kenya),then later on married T'challla and was Queen of Wakanda.
She even flew into Japan's airspace illegally,was confronted by Sunfire and told to U turn,and still BEAT HIS ASS and continued on her journey.

Only bad bish could be international like that

but It's cool that you are of Egyptian descent.

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