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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
There are many ways. A 250 pound guy who doesn't know how to fight or fight well vs a master fighter at 170-200? i'll take the latter. It's all about angles and pressure points with the strike as well. One well placed strike can bring down almost anybody.

Look in the above example Brock lesnar 265 pounds of muscle watch how he's brought down by one well placed kick to the liver and tumbles like a pile of bricks.

Now someone like bruce leee had one of the most powerful kicks even at his size.
Batman beats trained opponents like they were nothing. I´ve seen him destroying a SWAT team with no problems. I´ve seen him destroy high level martial artists like they were amateurs.

And Cain Velasquez was over 240 pounds in the fight. Same weight Batman should have, so it makes sense. He beat one Brock Lesnar. Could he have done the same to 5 Brock Lesnars at the sametime? Batman could have. That´s why Batman is a fictional character. He does things no human would ever been able to do.

And i´not saying a 170 pound can´t beat a 250 pound. I´m just saying he would not be able to knock them out in seconds like Batman does to the guys he fights.

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