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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by Kazuki View Post
And there´s absolutely no way a 170 pound Bruce Lee could kick as hard as Overeem, a 270 pound kickboxer world champion
The man would practice his kicks on 300 lbs punching bags. He had one of the most powerful kicks there was.

I don't understand why you're so convinced that you have to be huge to hit hard? Again Brock Lesnar is a huge man but is a terrible striker with weak hits.

Originally Posted by Kazuki View Post
Then show me Bruce Lee beating someone in a tournament. He isn´t tested. Most of the traditional Martial Artists aren´t. There are plenty of "masters" who have never competed. Bruce Lee is just the most popular of all.
I just gave you his whole fight history. He rarely competed in tournaments and by the time he became known mainstream he was more a teacher. However his physical feats are very well documented as well as people attesting his fighting skills.

Regardless before this turns into 5 pages of Bruce Lee debate your premise that you have to be 250 lbs to beat somebody 250 lbs is false. Frankly a real Batman would employ survival martial arts such Krav Maga as well, which are specialized to disable sometimes larger physically superior opponents by any means.

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