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Default Re: What didn't you like about the film?

^ First, no one is saying that Wolverine should have gone to Japan and said "Hey, can I learn karate". That is not what Logan would have done with where he was in the world. But, Yashida, knowing where Logan was in life, could have given him this gift. It absolutely could have fit into this whole concept and could have been used to show him learning to control the beserker. I would have liked to see that element.

You guys are saying that it wasn't part of the original story, but in many ways it is/was. A big part of who Wolverine is in the comics is because of the time he spent in Japan, and more importantly, the time he devoted to Bushido! If they didn't want to tell this story in a way that would have been part prelude (Wolvie in Japen with Ogun) and then later going back to Japan and meeting Mariko, then they should have incorporated him learning the martial arts at the same time he was meeting Mariko. Again, it's a very big part of who Wolverine is, or at least who he is suppoed to be!

Not sure why you guys can't see that. Maybe you guys are looking at this solely from this one movie aspect, but I'm looking at it from the comics I grew up with and the respect I had for Wolverine's character when it came to his martial arts training and what all of that led to.

Now that's not "shoving stuff in there that doesn't fit". It could have very much been part of the story, of Wolverine learning to control his beserker side while learning, through the peace of Martial Arts, to be a better person and to heal the emotional wounds.

Now I do believe that Harada wasn't needed. You tell me if I'm wrong on that. What was the significance of Harada (other than the name - which should have been the Silver Samurai)?

If we needed more time I am sure they could have cut on some of the Viper junk, if not the whole villain. Was she really necessary? Did she really fit in this movie? Don't get me wrong, the character was cool in some ways, but seemed forced and overall was an epic fail!

I would have very much prefered the story going into Wolverine learning Bushido, with all of the elements I indicated above, over what Viper brought to this story!

Are you saying you liked Viper in this? My feeling is that they forced her into this so she can't be used in Avengers (She's been equally in both Wolverine/X-men and Avengers).

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