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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Also I'm still seething how ,she looked the most "exotic" and African in the first film. Halle would look like Storm so much more if they actually CARED about her appearance.

Things people don't notice about Storm in X-1,and this is something i observed from another perspective.

1.Halle had longer hair like comic storm
2.She was waaay darker.

3.Her Make-up was darker and more Storm esque, compared to later films where they went more lighter. She had purple eye shadow, purple tinted lip gloss to make her lips appear darker, her eyebrows seemed darker. She wore more tribal jewelry if you looked around her neck(beads ,chokers etc) Her clothing was much more ethnic(some of the patterns) little stuff like this would help so much. It makes me facepalm every time I think about it.

She was even taller in the first movie,because they kept her in HEELS.Where as the other movies she's wearing low cut boots and flats. Halle is 5'5,she is average height for a woman.She isn't too tiny or too tall. Storm is 5'10 in the comics,if they'd keep Halle is 6 inch heels like the first movie .that'd put her RIGHT at 5'10.


We could have had this all along

Instead we have...

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