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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
they took her accent away because berry wasn't good at it... or just didnt wanna do it, they won't bring it back
Her accent was pretty decent.

Do you know what an actual Kenyan person sounds like?

It's not that she was bad at it,or that she wanted to stop doing it.It was Singer.He's the director,he calls the shots.She just can't quit speaking like that because she wants to.

Singer should have hired a vocal coach to help her get it spot on.
People complain about an accent ,or they want her to sound like the 90's cartoon,but tbh....

We don't know what she should really sound like to begin with. In the 90's cartoon she had more of a regal British/South African accent than a "Kenyan" accent.

Storm was born in America, grew up in Egypt for most of her childhood,then as a teen she went to Kenya. If anything she should have a odd mixed accent. Storm is supposedly fluent in Arabic, Swahili and English.

Her mother most likely taught her Swahili ,but spoke in English too. Her dad probably sounded American,so between the two speaking English in the household before they were killed,she could actually sound like Halle and many other African-American women. Though she went to school in Egypt,so she could sound Arabic

Depends on how you imagine her when reading her in comics.

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